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Hillary Sperry, Author

The Girl Behind The  Book

My name is Hillary, but I go by several aliases, Hillary Sperry, Hillary Ann Sperry, Hillary Doan Sperry. They are all me. I've been writing books since I was a little girl with vivid memories of book fairs and "publishing" my first books between sheets of blue construction paper. -spoiler it was a princess story in a haunted house and the boy saves the girl. hmm... I guess I always knew what I liked.

My best friends re-introduced me to the art when I was a bit more grown up. The idea that you could tell whole stories on paper and these books that I loved didn't magically come out of thin air to my library and bookshelf was the best kind of magic. I dabbled in almost every kind of writing before I decided what I loved most about all of them was the love story.

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I'd always said that, no matter what the story was, it needed at least a touch of love to feel complete. I still believe it. A story without a little romance has lost it's heart.

That little girl grew up, found her own epic love and embarked on a journey of life that changed her at the core.

I started writing again in 2014, not publishing anything until my debut novel in 2018. Mysteries were a surprise addition when my families quilt company was looking for an addition to their magazine. Having been raised on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys I have always had a strong love of a cozy mystery. Something you can cozy up to the fire with and get sucked into while you route for the heroine or hero and celebrate as the pages close and everyone is happy and safe. So I was thrilled to jump into creating this new kind of story.

Now here I am, even more epic-ly in love, with kids, a mortgage, and life to prove it. All these realities and dreams find their way into my stories. I've spent a lifetime preparing for this moment and I hope you enjoy living it with me. Reach out to me with your joy, loves, and dreams. That's what life is all about. Thanks for sharing in every love story.

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