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Beach Read Sneak Peak
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Topher and Piper

   The wave crested around him, the curl of crystal blue water isolating him in a world of freedom. It couldn’t have been more than a few seconds. The sound of the wave deafening the worries of his mind. Piper and the waves were the only thing left. Her sunkissed skin and golden hair enough to make him forget that the green room only lasted long enough to swallow him.

   The tunnel crashed down on him and he whiplashed into the pull of the water below.  His body wasn’t his own in this part of the surf. It took him several throws before he found his way to the sunshine above and he stroked his way to the surface. Piper was on the shore leaping into the air, pumping her fist.

   He could feel his grin wider than should be possible. He powered his way to the shore and before he’d even made it upright Piper dove at him knocking him back into the surf.

   “You did it!” she yelled, laughing and jumping and dancing all together. “You freaking did it! I told you!” She hit him in the chest and Topher caught her as Piper tumbled them backward.

   The crashed together into the waves laughter fizzing up from inside him. Water crashed against them and she grabbed his shoulders keeping the pull of the wave from tearing them apart. As the sand slid out from around them Piper pulled herself up still grinning.

   “That was the most incredible feeling. You’re right! It’s so worth it.” He watched the waves crash in the distance another tunnel forming and falling as Piper’s laugh died

   “Did you just say I’m right?” she was teasing but he could hear the pleasure drifting in the surf of her voice.

   “I’ll say it again, if it makes you that happy.” It slipped out before he could think about what it meant.

   He looked away from the waves and caught Piper watching him, again. For the first time she didn’t make an excuse or thew out a witty put down, though he was feeling so good about himself he probably could have used one.

   “I’m happy,” She said, her voice so low it stirred the deep places of his heart that had been waking in these last weeks on the island. She leaned closer, and Topher’s body heated like the sun had focused it’s rays solely on him. She was so close.

    “Piper?” he slid his hand behind her neck and she tensed. He let go, knowing his body was on fire with wanting her. His fingers brushed her hip as he grinned and slid back. “Sorry. That was amazing.”

   He was determined to keep the focus on what she’d finally managed to teach him but she slid with him, her body an echo to his. Like the push and pull of the waves she crashed into him and he lifted her closer. Her skin matching the fire of his body. She kissed him and he kissed back, his hands in her hair.

   She tasted like salt and pineapple, her lip gloss settling her in his senses. He wouldn’t have cared if they’d been on the most crowded beach on the island the only person he felt was Piper and her feisty independence. She pushed him back toppling him into the sand and leaned over him a silhouette of a beach angel above him before she dropped to kiss him. Soft lips searching for the happiness neither of them had known for too long.

   He couldn’t feel her fingers or hands, it was just all piper, his skin lit with the electricity of contact and he grabbed her rolling her to the side and pulled back. “I can’t.”