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  • Why did you decide to write mysteries?
    I started writing mysteries as an experiment. My families quilt shop needed someone to write for their magazine, and I thought I write hard can it be? *cue laughter* Never ask how hard can it be. Trust me, you don't want to know. But after writing a couple novellas (short books) I was getting excited about the stories. I decided to write a full length novel and see how that went and surprise, surprise, I'm still going!
  • What's your favorite book?
    My favorite book changes periodically, but I love lots of the classics like Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, & Harry Potter. Fun fact- the first thing I wrote (not on school construction paper) was fanfic about Twilight that was nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey but nonetheless fanfic. Books like Charly and Firecracker are the first books that made me cry, and I have a soft spot for historicals.
  • What's your favorite of the books you've written?
    Oh you meant my books! My favorite mystery so far is book 3 I'm really excited for everyone to get to read that one! When you do, you'll have to tell me your favorite too!
  • What are you writing now?
    I'm currently writing a Cozy Mystery set to be published throughout 2024 as a serial in the BLOCK magazine and then the next Jenny Christmas Box Mystery!
  • Does your mom like that she's in your books?
    Absolutely! Though I think it's more fun for me than her sometimes. I get nervous or silly when I think about her really doing the things I've written. I adore my mother and I adore her as a character. No matter if Jenny is locked in a closet, being sweet or sassy to her husband, or hanging out with her best friends I try to make sure it always feels like something my mom would say. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't but rest assured she always lets me know when I don't!
  • What's for dinner?
    So, if we're being real. . . this is my most frequently asked question. My most frequent answer? *Check the clock*, *see it's already five o'clock*, *turn back to child or spouse and smile* What do you want for dinner? My family is amazing at helping me remember the menial tasks of staying alive. I'm a mom of five kids, two married, one on a mission, and two still at home. Even my married daughters want to know what's for dinner. I've been married for almost twenty-five years and I would do anything for my family. Even plan dinners. That happens sometimes . . . occasionally . . . amazingly everyday they are fed. Oh and my go to dinner? Tacos or Coconut Chicken.
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