Want to know more?

What's your favorite book?

My favorite book changes periodically, but I love lots of the classics like Little Women, Harry Potter, & Twilight. Fun fact- the first thing I wrote was fanfic about Twilight that was nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey but none the less fanfic. Books like Charly and Firecracker are the first books that made me cry, and I love most anything Regency.

Why did you decide to write romance books?

I didn't. I started writing in several other genres, but romance made it clear that it was the genre for me. I started writing with young adult adventure books that I adore, I have several children's picture books in process thanks to my very talented artist daughter, and I have begun publishing cozy quilting mysteries as well. Romance is the genre that spoke to my heart and wouldn't let me let it go.

What's for dinner?

If we're being real. This is my most frequently asked question. My most frequent answer? *Check the clock*, *see it's already five o'clock*, *turn back to child or spouse asking the question and smile* What do you want for dinner? I've been married for over twenty years and have five growing children in my home. My family is amazing at helping me remember the menial tasks of staying alive. I have four daughters and one son and one amazing husband. I would do anything for them. Even plan dinners. That happens sometimes. Amazingly everyday they are fed. Oh and my go to dinner? Tacos or Coconut Chicken.

What are you writing now?

I'm currently writing a Cozy Mystery set to be published throughout 2021 as a serial in the BLOCK magazine. Beyond that I will begin a twelve book series of Christmas Novellas due out this year and next.