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Missouri Star Mystery Series

An ongoing series about Jenny Doan, in a world where she is not only a YouTube quilting star,
but also stumbles over dead bodies while solving crimes.

The Missouri Star Mystery Series is my first leap into the mystery genre. It's been so much fun exploring the small town of Hamilton, MO where I grew up in a whole new way. the stories and representation of characters are completely fictional but I try to stay true to the feel of the people I include in my books.


Chain Piecing a Mystery is the first installment set during the the Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s annual birthday celebration where they invite a local celebrity to come back home and preform. But the next day he's the main suspect in a triple confession of murder.


In book two of the series A Body in Redwork, it's the holiday's and Jenny invites a group of her old friends to town and one of them ends up dead. Finding out who the killer is becomes very personal in this quick moving mystery that takes you inside the world of fabric designers and quilters during a holiday convention in small town Hamilton, MO.

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Missouri Star Mystery Series

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