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Audiobooks, box sets, & deadlines...Oh my!

It's official! My next book is coming out!

This is the deadline I mentioned in the email header. 

Am I ready? No. But don't worry. We got this!

For Never and Always is officially scheduled to come out as part of a 25 book sweet romance novella series! These quick reads will be released this summer on Amazon

I'm being included with a bunch of talented authors who are all releasing hallmark style romances to try and ease the isolation pain and remind us good things can happen even when we're under lockdown!

The best part? You get all 25 books for only 3.99!

What do you think of this blurb? Would you want to read this book?

Lizzie and Noah recently broke up, but when a series of accidents trap them together at one of the healing springs in small town Eureka they might get a second chance. Will the legendary waters be able to heal two broken hearts, or is some pain too much for even this magical place to handle?

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